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Best Real Estate Drone Photography in Phoenix

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There's no better way to get a feel for property size and scope than using drone footage. Getting an aerial view of a home, the front and back yards, the street and the neighborhood can give buyers the peace of mind that the home they are considering will be the perfect choice for their family.

At Skousen Real Estate Photo, we are certified and licensed drone pilots, using high-quality drones for perfect real estate drone photography in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our equipment and rates.

Why a Drone?

You may wonder if getting drone photos is worth it for a listing or home.

We recommend drone shots to deliver buyers a feel of a larger area than simple standing shots offer. Some potential considerations include:​

  • Homes that have large backyards or attached land.

  • Yards that have clean, maintainedlandscaping.

  • Homes with backyard pools.

  • Beautiful surrounding neighborhood.

  • Unique architecture or size that is difficult to scope from the ground.

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Licensed Piloting

While almost anybody can buy and fly a drone as a hobby, it's important that these complex devices are operated safely and effectively.

To that end, we are licensed Remote Pilots by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). We completed the training and testing to fly our drone safely and legally in the Phoenix area.

Because of this, note that there may be times we cannot fly due to external circumstances, including weather and geographic location.


About the Drone

We use the DJI Mavik Air 2 for our shoots. DJI is an industry leader for building drones that render crystal-clear images and video.

The camera on our drone can shoot in up to 8K, creating unparalleled photos that can make a house stand out. For homes with great landscaping and breathtaking views, this drone will deliver. It's truly the best option for real estate drone photography in Phoenix.

Our drone operates on two 30 minute batteries, giving us about 45-50 minutes minutes of effective flight time. 


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