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One of the most important parts of selling a home is making it look its best. Whether you are an agent trying to find the perfect look for a client, or a homeowner trying to sell one yourself, you need to achieve a professional look without compromising too much on price.

At Skousen Real Estate Photography, our goal is provide quality real estate photography at an affordable price. We offer a full line of professional photography services, including twilights, drone shots and editing. We strive to represent your home in the best possible light (pun intended).

Contact us today to talk get a quote and check availability. Ask about our bundle discounts!

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These photos packages are the bread and butter of marketing your home. This baseline package provides a professional gallery that interests buyers.

25 Photos - $139 + sales tax

36 Photos - $169 + sales tax

50 Photo - $215 + sales tax

*For homes >5000 sqft or commercial properties contact me an exact quote


Twilights are the glamour shots for your home. While other photos are more functional in nature (showcasing different rooms or spaces), twilights are intended to be the garnish on top.

4 Virtual Twilights - $85 + sales tax

5-8 Real Twilights - $165 + sales tax

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If your home is empty and you want to better show off how the space can be used to its fullest capacity, virtual staging is the way to go.

$25 - Virtual Staging + sales tax

$30 - Virtual Clean Up + sales tax


For photos displaying the property or exterior design of a house, drone shots are unparalleled. As licensed drone pilots, we guarantee quality aerial images that are taken safely.

6 Drone Photos - $95 + sales tax

12 Drone Photos - $135 + sales tax

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3D TOURS & More

Matterport 3D tours are the latest in easy to use 3D tour technology. Giving  potential buyers a feel for the size and space in a room is paramount to the selling process. With our software, we'll build out a floorplan that looks great and is easy to use.

3D Tour (500-1999 sq ft.) - $135

(2000 - 2999 sq ft) - $165

(3000-3999 sq ft.) - $199 + sales tax

(4000-5000 sq ft.) - $245 + sales tax

Floor Plan - $35 + sales tax

*Please reach out for pricing on commercial properties or homes larger than 5000 sqft


Real Estate Listing Video

60 Second Video: $225 + sales tax

120 Second Video: $315 + sales tax

Add on Drone Footage: $25 + sales tax

Agent Branding Video

Contact me for a quote!

Drone Video

30 Second Video: $115 + sales tax


Instagram Reels

Home Walk Through Reel: $95 + sales tax

Custom Reels: Contact me for a quote

** An additional $25 will be charged for any Saturday sessions 

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