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Best Real Estate Video Phoenix Has To Offer

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Using video to showcase a home has a number of benefits outside of just looking great. Along with virtual tours, video gives potential buyers a chance to see the home up-close in an engaging way. We can shoot several types of videos, from a simple montage of footage to informational videos with realtors. Contact us today for professional real estate video in Phoenix.

Benefits of Video

While it doesn't offer the "stop-and-go" freedom of Matterport tours, there are several reasons why real estate video in Phoenix is the way to go:

  • Easy to watch and easy to understand.

  • Videos are simple to share across a variety of marketing and social platforms.

  • Allows realtors to showcase a home's best features in greater detail.

  • Add music and text to amplify the appeal.

  • Looks great!


Types of Video

Video can come in all forms, and we can help you decide what's best for your situation. Here are some ideas of real estate video in Phoenix we have done in the past:

  1. Real estate video tour with the realtor: Gives realtors the opportunity to share home features and selling points.

  2. Footage Montage: Simple moving shots through the home with music gives viewers a simple showcase.

  3. Drone Video: Using our drone, we can film video of the entire home or property from the air.

  4. Neighborhood Features: Footage of the the surrounding area can highlight pools, parks, trails, etc. surrounding the home.

  5. Instagram Reels: New method of branding your listing.

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