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Professional Real Estate Photography in Phoenix

It's no secret that the real estate market is booming here in the Valley! Selling a home is competitive, and you'll want to put your best foot forward early so that buyers can quickly fall in love with a property and submit an offer.

Skousen Real Estate Photography offers great rates on quality photography portfolios that will help your listing shine. Contact us today for the best real estate photography in Phoenix.

Why Hire a Photographer?

You may wonder what makes our professional real estate photos different than ones you could take on your phone.

That would be a fair question. In addition to training in professional photography, we use high-tech equipment and editing techniques to provide pictures that can't be easily duplicated without experience. 

Most of our images are high dynamic range (HDR) photos. This term is a little technical, but simply put, it means these photos capture light and shadow better than standard cameras can. This is especially important in homes, where natural and artificial lighting can clash.

We also use high-end editing to make the a home as appealing as possible.

For a small additional fee, we also can provide virtual staging, which adds furniture, decorations, etc to an empty home. Contact us for details.

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Our Packages

We generally take our photos in sets to capture as much of the home as possible. Our prices can depend on the number of photos and the level of advanced editing, all discussed before the shoot.

Standard 25:   $115

Standard 36:   $135 

High-End 25:   $205

High-End 36:   $235

For more information on rates on our professional real estate photography in Phoenix, check out our Pricing page.


Those who have lived in Arizona long enough know that we have the best sunsets around. We love featuring those sunsets in our twilight pictures.

Twilights are great photos to use as covers for your portfolio, drawing attention and setting a listing apart from others online.

We offer both virtually-edited twilights and the real deal (photos taken at twilight).

4 Virtual Twilights:   $85

4 Real Twilights:       $125

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Contact us to learn more!

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